The Final Year photos

Published March 27, 2013 by ireneyu1989

The group photo when were having our Food Law class in DKP5. This photo will be the memory for everyone of us 🙂

2013-03-20 09.54.21


Another photo taken in the lab.





Dirty labcoat

Published March 11, 2013 by ireneyu1989


Taken few days back. Guess where it is?

2013-03-08 15.43.30I was in the pilot plant grinding seaweed!


路痴 meet 路痴 !

Published March 11, 2013 by ireneyu1989


I guess I have to update here more.

Because of the procrastination, I keep on delaying work. Bad girl.

So right today it was my first time driving out to  KK  (Kota Kinabalu) town all the way go and back. #Scary #notconfidentbutstillsurvive #Nosenseofdirection

Tell you, it was the  four years of the first time, I, myself  as always admitted have no sense of direction. In other words, people with no sense of direction can easily get lost!!wherever I go, I seemed to get lost  in somewhere. I guess I have to do the marking or put the red ribbon on the road that I have past through..haha wtf!!

Because of this stupid problem, I should never drive alone to a place that I am not used to. But urgently in need to go!! I need to buy enough ingredients for my fyp…

The another FOUR besties have their own works to do, the two always stick in the lab  till late evening, that sometimes turn out very moody, in scary silence, black face all the time etc. I always say they all OT..Lolol. Then another one doing juices in the lab for the Hedonic test and another petite one get not enough sleep..haha!!! Better don’t interupt them!!

So in the one whole morning, I was thinking of who should I bring along to accompany me. Kesian lo me…

Dah la don’t remember the road, drive alone pula tu….

Ahhh…I need to “perangkap” a friend to accompany me I don’t care!

So I called to Michelle this morning just to ask where she bought the thing I asked her buy last few week. Haha…manatau she said she can join together to Bake With Me. Thanks god she is following!!! 🙂

But never did I know she is another me, don’t know how to go also..Lolol….

There was funny thing during the journey.  Because both of us 是个大路痴。。。!!



“如果不是的再U-turn 回去”

“路牌叫转左, 为什么你转右?!”

“哎呀, 好像走错了?!U-turn u-turn!”











New semester started

Published February 20, 2013 by ireneyu1989

Yesterday reached Sabah and I am back to UMS. Means the new semester now started officially. Omg.

Have been so lazy during the one month holiday. Now is time for the hectic life as a final year student.


February 14

Published February 15, 2013 by ireneyu1989

I was glad that Kheng (my dear) came to visit me and my family in my house in Kelantan. More proud is that he was so determine to drive alone all the way from his house (Bukit Mertajam) even though I’ve tried to suggest him to take bus to come here or bring someone to accompany him if he really wanna drive. He said never mind and tried to convince me a few times.

Early of this year (mid of Jan), I brought him back home for the first time to meet my parents. We took bus finally after my mom didn’t allow him to drive because he was “NEW’ in Kelantan. The second time he came here with car (thanks to GPS). As a rule of most couples do during Valentine’s Day, he gave me a VOIR handbag , which I initially thought that it must be around RM 29.90 -RM49.90.  My wrong guessing made him kinda sad because the actual price was RM139.90 and I have underestimated the price of the handbag. haha..sorry.

Never did I know that my parents have planned to urge us to get the “right” thing done. Understand what I meant?

2013-02-14 13.43.02 - Copy

Bright Royal Blue jeans #MyAddiction

Published February 6, 2013 by ireneyu1989

This year, I like something bright colour no matter in shirts, blouses, pants or jeans.

Currently, my addiction goes to this:

bright royale blue

blue jeans

I think I like it very much and the colour is nice, don’t you think too?

There are so many colours of course such as this:

pants and jeans

Other than bright royal blue *picture above*, I think red colour also not bad (the bottom right at the picture above). Other colours I think not really suited on me, unless you are a model or what, with sexy long legs..then can try la wtf. Haha..besides,  purple, orange, pinky red colours seem like very hard to match with the shoes and of course your shirt. 

So, I googled it to search for the best coordination that I think it matches on me (hmm…i think so)…and the result is:


blue jeans example


images (1)




#4 (if I dare enough, I also can wear like this :p)


I noticed Kate also like to wear it,,, see you see..

royals olympic torch 260712