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Published June 10, 2013 by ireneyu1989

Good morning!

It is a new day…and thanks that we are still alive…

Not much to say here..but will appreciate what is surrounding me…


3/6/13-FYP submission date!

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刚交了fyp thesis..

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Silence war

Published March 28, 2013 by ireneyu1989

It is not completely my roomates wrong.

Maybe sometimes I was just too tired after the whole day spent in the SSMP (school), I just hope that I could have a peaceful rest in  the room after that. That’s it.

I didn’t mind to have the room shared with another 3 roommates. Indeed I am glad. The room is big and I have big spaces to walk around. Plus I like the double decker.

2012-10-15 13.41.44

My table is at the most left side near to the window. Quite messy, but ok la. Not bad what! :p


I think It happened to be that time I was just too exhausted after a long day in the microb lab, I need to find calmness. After back to my room at night (9pm), the roomates sat next to me was enjoy listening to her song without her earphone…and I don’t know why she like to put her laptop very near to my place.  Seriously don’t understand!

2012-12-24 20.59.28Can you see?? very near right? some more without her earphone or headphone. Super pek chekk!

But sometimes she got the kind heart to leave a msg to me.

2013-03-27 13.40.03

2013-03-27 13.39.54

12.12.12 yesterday

Published December 13, 2012 by ireneyu1989

12.12.12 only occurs once in our life.

This date was so special I believe to most of the people in the world, but it seemed nothing special  to me.

A really sad day and shouldn’t to be remembered. How funny?!Shouldn’t to be remembered? A ‘special’ day that shouldn’t to be remembered?

I have a personal problem and should have solved on that day. We considered it  solved, but why in my heart, I still have  a little bit of sad and angry?