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Published April 28, 2013 by ireneyu1989



pls help me!!!!


Dirty labcoat

Published March 11, 2013 by ireneyu1989


Taken few days back. Guess where it is?

2013-03-08 15.43.30I was in the pilot plant grinding seaweed!


路痴 meet 路痴 !

Published March 11, 2013 by ireneyu1989


I guess I have to update here more.

Because of the procrastination, I keep on delaying work. Bad girl.

So right today it was my first time driving out to  KK  (Kota Kinabalu) town all the way go and back. #Scary #notconfidentbutstillsurvive #Nosenseofdirection

Tell you, it was the  four years of the first time, I, myself  as always admitted have no sense of direction. In other words, people with no sense of direction can easily get lost!!wherever I go, I seemed to get lost  in somewhere. I guess I have to do the marking or put the red ribbon on the road that I have past through..haha wtf!!

Because of this stupid problem, I should never drive alone to a place that I am not used to. But urgently in need to go!! I need to buy enough ingredients for my fyp…

The another FOUR besties have their own works to do, the two always stick in the lab  till late evening, that sometimes turn out very moody, in scary silence, black face all the time etc. I always say they all OT..Lolol. Then another one doing juices in the lab for the Hedonic test and another petite one get not enough sleep..haha!!! Better don’t interupt them!!

So in the one whole morning, I was thinking of who should I bring along to accompany me. Kesian lo me…

Dah la don’t remember the road, drive alone pula tu….

Ahhh…I need to “perangkap” a friend to accompany me I don’t care!

So I called to Michelle this morning just to ask where she bought the thing I asked her buy last few week. Haha…manatau she said she can join together to Bake With Me. Thanks god she is following!!! 🙂

But never did I know she is another me, don’t know how to go also..Lolol….

There was funny thing during the journey.  Because both of us 是个大路痴。。。!!



“如果不是的再U-turn 回去”

“路牌叫转左, 为什么你转右?!”

“哎呀, 好像走错了?!U-turn u-turn!”











Let call it a day FPD!

Published December 14, 2012 by ireneyu1989


Call it a day for FPD (Food Product Development) Exhibition today.

2012-12-05 13.07.46

Seriously it took quite a lot of energy and MONEYYY to built and decorate the booth. In the end, not even get the best booth.

Although didn’t get anything except  the consolation gift ( ADABI instant noodle and soy milk wtf), but some said our product was nice and actually I was  happy to hear:

” Produk kamu ada jual ka? mahu beli satu kotak boleh? Saya rasa produk kamu sedap ba…” An adult woman (She said she from BPA what what….)asked me.

” Ooo…..kami tak da jual, hanya display saja” I was insisting saying that we have no right to sell the product.

She liked my product as she said about the few things that our products have: low sugar coz she said she don’t like sugar and nice flavour.

In the end, she asked for a free sachet as I don’t sell.

During the judging session in the morning, the comment from the judges especially from the CEO of ADABI was the colour of the drink is not attractive, means the colour is not in  appealing orange colour from  what I have expected previously. ..kind of sad, coz I thought I can have the orange colour ma, manatau in the end the product was a dull greyish brown drink. Blekkkk

Nevermind lo at least already tried d ma,…….

Touching on the packaging of the product, the entrepreneur lecturer said her initial thought of the product when look at the packaging itself, she said it looked  more like a toy product instead of food product. The colour combination used was too much and not match…. ” You should play with the colour..and you should see in the market on how they play with the colour and so on”  I smiled at her as I know that was her honest comment, and I kept asking her on her opinion regarding to the packaging. At least I know what I thought nice  is not same to the others. We need to know from the consumer point of view about the product and packaging to improve…..;))

Anyway, the process is more important than the result. Cheeers….