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Good morning!

It is a new day…and thanks that we are still alive…

Not much to say here..but will appreciate what is surrounding me…


3/6/13-FYP submission date!

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刚交了fyp thesis..

2013-06-03 15.15.16








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I saw my friend shared this out in her Facebook’s wall page. It has drawn my interest  to repost here. Every women in the World has the dream to marry the RIGHT guy. The RIGHT guy in  all sense as below:


一個男人如果 …
☞ 把facebook密碼告訴你 Ö
☞ 銀行密碼告訴你
☞ 冬天允許你把他當暖爐用
☞ 可以讓你隨時翻他手機
☞ 過馬路時拉着你的手
☞ 不先掛你電話
☞ 不大聲對你說話
☞ 介紹他所有的朋友给你
☞ 陪你逛街不說累
☞ 不管多忙都会陪着你
☞ 不给你有任何一个生气他的机会
☞ 不管家人反对不反对
☞ 会取外号给你 [ 唯独他叫的 ]
☞ 把你的相片放在手機屏幕上
☞ 在街上為你綁鞋带
那麼你就嫁给他吧 !

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pls help me!!!!

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Yesterday three of us eating dinner (Korean food in Likas) with Michael. Still remember? He is quite  talented in photography and MV that I posted last time.



Yeah..the photo took three years ago by Michael. Nice background 🙂 I wore the same white shirt if you realise.


And the below is his one of the music videos that he produced.

pls support ya.

Silence war

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It is not completely my roomates wrong.

Maybe sometimes I was just too tired after the whole day spent in the SSMP (school), I just hope that I could have a peaceful rest in  the room after that. That’s it.

I didn’t mind to have the room shared with another 3 roommates. Indeed I am glad. The room is big and I have big spaces to walk around. Plus I like the double decker.

2012-10-15 13.41.44

My table is at the most left side near to the window. Quite messy, but ok la. Not bad what! :p


I think It happened to be that time I was just too exhausted after a long day in the microb lab, I need to find calmness. After back to my room at night (9pm), the roomates sat next to me was enjoy listening to her song without her earphone…and I don’t know why she like to put her laptop very near to my place.  Seriously don’t understand!

2012-12-24 20.59.28Can you see?? very near right? some more without her earphone or headphone. Super pek chekk!

But sometimes she got the kind heart to leave a msg to me.

2013-03-27 13.40.03

2013-03-27 13.39.54